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My journey with grief.

Dealing with Grief is something we hope never happens to us, but in reality we are all likely to suffer loss at some time in our lives, whether it’s loss of a parent, a partner, spouse, child, a pet or a good friend. Often we are not prepared for the feelings of grief that such loss brings to us. This can be compounded by either deep shock and trauma, from sudden loss, or exhaustion from prolonged periods of caring for a loved one through illness.

Grief is not something that you magically get better from, much as that would be a nice tidy solution to the pain and suffering.

There is only a way through, a way of learning to live with the loss and eventually, at some point, and that is different for all of us, of including that pain and grief in our lives and yet finding a reason to carry on.

Grief is rarely spoken about in our culture and yet most of us will experience loss at some point in our lives and feel grief.

Somehow we have developed a culture where everyone is expected to be positive, be happy and upsetting feelings are marginalised.  We are expected to get over things.  This is usually because of our deep discomfort with grief and other emotions that we don’t know how to be with.  We are fearful of saying the wrong thing or upsetting someone.

The reality is that for someone experiencing great loss in their life, there is little that you could do or say that would make it any worse.

These pages are not a solution to grief and loss.   There is no solution.

Grief Conversations

This is the place to talk about experiences of grief, whether its your own or others grief.

The place to talk about how we deal with loss.

The place to share things that have helped us and things that have hindered us.

Above all this is just a place to express how we are feeling.

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